Pike County Engineer & Highway Department

Denny Salisbury, P.E., P.S.

The primary responsibility of the Pike County Engineer is to maintain 329 miles of County highways and 349 County owned bridges, (a bridge being defined as a structure with a span of greater than 1O feet).

The Pike County Engineer's Office operates on an annual budget of approximately $5,000,000.00. The revenue source for the Pike County Engineer's annual budget is almost exclusively made up of license tag fees and a portion of the taxes collected from the sale of gasoline and diesel fuel.

It should be noted that the Pike County Engineer currently receives almost no revenue from the collection of:

  • INCOME TAXES (Federal, State, and Local)
  • Or any other taxes besides license tag fees and fuel taxes.
Services Provided:
  • Roadway Paving
  • Bridge Repairs and Replacements
  • Culvert Replacements
  • Roadway Ditching
  • Pothole Patching
  • Snow Removal
  • Tree and Brush Cutting
  • Load Rating and Load Posting of Bridges
  • Driveway Culvert Replacements along County Roads
  • Manage Utility Permits and Utility Installations along County Roads
Current Active Projects:

Salyers Road Slip Repair; PIK-CR130-00.81

  • Contractor: Alan Stone Co., Inc.
  • Contract Amount: $382,697.50

Left Fork Road Box Culvert; PIK-TR312-02.89

  • Contractor: Skeens Excavating, Inc.
  • Contract Amount: $150,747.50

Watson Road Slip Repair; PIK-CR50-02.55

  • Contractor: Alan Stone Co., Inc.
  • Contract Amount: $1,129,131.73

Dry Bone Road Road Bridge Replacement; PIK-CR8-05.75

  • Contractor: Shelly and Sands, Inc.
  • Contract Amount: $676,450.00

Salt Creek Road Box Culverts; PIK-CR63-01.21

  • Contractor: Cooper's Excavation, LLC
  • Contract Amount: $593,205.68

Magaw Road Box Culvert; PIK-TR650-00.07

  • Contractor: Skeens Excavating, LLC
  • Contract Amount: $191,919.00

Waverly Gables Boulevard Slip Repair; PIK-CR49-00.25

  • Contractor: Firehouse Construction, LLC
  • Contract Amount: $409,451.31

Pleasant Hill Road/S.R. 220 Intersection; PIK-CR36-04.35

  • Contractor: Scioto Valley Paving, LLC
  • Contract Amount: $662,545.21

2024 Chip and Seal Project

  • Contractor: SC Construction and Materials, LLC
  • Contract Amount: $1,189,399.10

Bid Results:

Bid Results with Bid Tabs (Spunk Run Road Slip Repair, PIK-CR79-00.16, FEMA#111993, PW#521 (DR4424)
Seal Various County and Township Roads Project-2024
Pee Pee Township-Lake Road Slip Repair, PIK-TR456-00.12, FEMA#107640, PW#339, (DR4424)
Magaw Road Bridge Replacement, PIK-TR650-00.07
Waverly Gables Blvd. Slip Repair, PIK-CR49-0.25
Salt Creek Road Box Culverts, PIK-CR63-01.21 (CDBG Project)
Left Fork Road Box Culvert, PIK-TR312-02.89
Salyers Road Slip Repair, PIK-CR130-00.81

Contact Information

502 S. Pike Street
Waverly, Ohio 45690

phone: (740) 947-4259
phone: (740) 947-5535
phone: (740) 941-0700
fax: (740) 947-9339
hours: M-F 7:00am-4:00pm (Apr 1 - Nov 30)
hours: M-F 6:30am-4:00pm (Dec 1 - Mar 31)