Pike County Property Map Office

Denny Salisbury, P.E., P.S.

The Pike County Engineer's Property Map Office maintains a digital map of Pike County depicting real estate ownership throughout the County.

The property map is combined with aerial photography of Pike County to allow for convenient determination of property lines and property ownership.

The property map information also includes real estate data regarding each parcel of real estate in Pike County.

Due to inaccuracies in much of Pike County real estate records, the following disclaimer statement needs to be read and comprehended by anyone using the County Engineer's property maps:

Notice: The property maps in this office were platted from existing deeds and aerial photographs. The maps are not always accurate as to scale, distance, and bearing. They are not intended for use in legal documents as precise information. The purpose of these maps is to show general location, ownership, and acreage according to deed. ~ Pike County Engineer

The Pike County Engineer's Property Map Office also checks all new property surveys which are presented for recording or use in deed preparation. The checks are to find gross errors in the survey documents submitted. It should be noted that the accuracy of the property lines which are depicted on any new survey are the responsibility of the professional surveyor performing the survey and not the responsibility of the Pike County Engineer's Property Map Office.

In addition, the Pike County Engineer's Property Map Office has a wealth of historical land records and surveys of Pike County which are utilized by surveyors, lawyers, appraisers, real estate agents, the general public, etc. to determine real estate ownership and boundaries.

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